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Short Character Overview: Megan

From Parapedia Staff:

We sent out short surveys to many characters in Wonder City Stories to see what information they might be willing to share.  Our first survey came back from Megan Amazon!

Megan Pantariste Amazon

Birthdate: 30 November 1986

Height: 7’11.5″

Weight: None of anyone’s business

Race: Biracial at least, your guess is as good as mine

Spandex name: FUCK NO

Sign: “No Trespassing”

Zodiac sign (put “Western” in there, you ethnocentric jerks): Sagittarius

Blood type: O negative (yes, ha ha, let’s laugh at the universal donor who can’t donate blood)

College degree: BA in Psychology from University of California, Berkeley

Paranormal powers:

  • Strength: Class 6
  • Invulnerability: Class 6

Other notes: Why am I doing this again?