New Web Serial!

My newest project with some of my friends who are talented writers and thinkers is called the Glitter Collective, a bunch of LGBTQIA+ folks with wide and varied interests and expertises. It’s basically a space where folks can write what they want, without having to produce enough content to support their own blog. Who has enough spoons to do that, really, in these days and times?

We have a Patreon — our first goal is to get enough patrons to support the site (webhosting, domain, etc), and then we’ll see where things go.

As we kick off 2020, our first recurring content will be my cyberpunk novella, Mother[up]lode. The first episode will post tomorrow, New Year’s Day! The first 3 episodes will post weekly, and after that, every other week, with patrons getting early access a week ahead of time.

Meanwhile, other folks will start posting — some one-offs, like Sepdet’s translations of Sappho, but hopefully we’ll have some other series as things take off, and we’ll link out to folks’ adventures elsewhere. Come check us out!

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