LGBT+ Storybundle!

I am fortunate enough to have been invited to join an LGBT+ Storybundle by the curator, Melissa Scott, for Pride!

WONDER CITY STORIES is part of the basic set of FIVE EBOOKS you can get. From the page:

Pay what you want! You choose how much you want to pay for these awesome books. You decide how much of your purchase goes to the author and how much goes to help keep StoryBundle running. If your purchase price beats $15, you get Vintage: A Ghost Story by Steve Berman, Point of Hopes by Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett, Death by Silver by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold, The Kissing Booth Girl and Other Stories by A.C. Wise, The Marshal’s Lover by Jo Graham, Trafalgar and Boone in the Drowned Necropolis by Geonn Cannon and Silver Moon by Catherine Lundoff!”

In addition to getting these amazing books, you can help us raise money for Rainbow Road!

2 responses to “LGBT+ Storybundle!

  1. Hi there! I couldn’t find an email or anything on your site or I would have sent this there; I had a question. Are you the same Jude McLaughlin that wrote the fanfiction “Archimage” for Revolutionary Girl Utena? I also wanted to say how excited I am to dig back into Wonder City, I had found it years ago but never finished, it makes me so happy to see how much more there is now, and to have a super hero story that features people like me written so well in it. I’m going to have a blast reliving the stories and catching up on new ones. Have a great day!

    • Yes, I am! Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve found Wonder City again and I hope you enjoy all the new stuff. 🙂 While the web serial continues on hiatus, I’m working on editing up volume 3 for publication.

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